This Week in LGBTQ Twitter: Government-funded pronouns

This Week in LGBTQ Twitter: Government-funded pronouns

Folks on the right are big mad about President Joe Biden’s proposal to forgive a modest amount of student loan debt for lower income borrowers. Next level: Using those saved funds on something that makes conservatives irrationally angry. Check out the replies for more on the pronoun economy…

conservatives were right. as soon as biden announced the student debt forgiveness plan i quit my job and took out a loan to buy myself 37 new pronouns

— slate (@PleaseBeGneiss) August 25, 2022

Or the debt could be transferred to someone deserving.

we shouldn’t forgive anyones student debt, we should transfer all student debt to opinion columnists

— transgender marx (@JUNlPER) August 26, 2022

Either way, we’re living for the White House tweets calling out the hypocrites.

A thread of people who should’ve just stopped ordering avocado toast and oat milk lattes.

— Chasten Buttigieg (@Chasten) August 25, 2022

GOP’ers being asked why they took taxpayer money through PPP loans and then turned around and self-funded their campaigns…

— Chasten Buttigieg (@Chasten) August 26, 2022

Meanwhile, as the nation anxiously awaited the release of a redacted FBI affidavit for the raid at Mar-a-Lago, Mrs Betty Bowers leaked her own version.

FBI affidavit redacted to make it impossible for Donald to guess who the informant is:

— Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) August 26, 2022

And Mary Trump says what we’re all thinking.

This should be enough, yes?

— Mary L Trump (@MaryLTrump) August 26, 2022

A reminder that trans folks aren’t new.

Arguing whether it’s safe for trans women to use women’s spaces today is like asking if it would be safe to let everyone have electricity in their homes

Yes, it’s been that way your entire life, you’re more than 100 years late to pretend there’ll be an issue

— Katy Montgomerie (@KatyMontgomerie) August 25, 2022

But people are still debating our existence.

Trans ppl coming into work every day like everything’s normal while the whole country is debating their humanity

— L. Silvertongue IS NOT DAREDEVIL (@PinkRangerLB) August 25, 2022

All while Harry Styles dons dresses and clutches his pearls at the thought of gay sexuality.

harry styles when he finds out gay sex is two guys having sex:

— Grindr (@Grindr) August 22, 2022

A lesson on pronouns that the AP would disagree with.

never ever use she/her pronouns on me. except if I turn into a boat. only if I become a boat may any of you use she/her on me. thank you

— Alex / Nick (@LowBatteryQueer) August 25, 2022

Comedian Joe Lycett shares a new way to cope with online harassment.

A couple of ‘Hate Plates’, a series of glazed terracotta plates I’ve made with slightly hurtful things people have tweeted me.

— Joe Lycett (@joelycett) August 24, 2022

What would be on your hate plates?

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