Have you voted for your LGBTQ Nation Hero yet?

Have you voted for your LGBTQ Nation Hero yet?

We’re about halfway through the month-long voting period for LGBTQ Nation Heroes. Stop by the voting page and tell us who your heroes are!

This is the time of the year at LGBTQ Nation when we take a broader look at the headlines and notice that our community is already surrounded by the heroes that we need, people who are putting in the work to make their communities a better place, inspire others to get involved, show us that LGBTQ people can live with dignity, and keep our spirits up during the fight for our rights and well-being.

The editors of LGBTQ Nation picked five nominees in the following eight categories: LGBTQ Nation Hero of the Year, Celebrity who made us Proud, Social Media Hero, Good News Hero, Hero who Stood Up with Dignity, Hero Defending the Children, Sports Hero, and Political Hero. You can vote in each category until the end of the month.

This is also a chance to read about the nominees, since there are so many people doing so many great things.

The best part about LGBTQ Nation’s Heroes is learning about the nominees, so take some time to read about them before voting. Read about them here:

LGBTQ Nation Hero of the Year
Celebrity who made us Proud
Social Media Hero
Good News Hero
Hero who Stood Up with Dignity
Hero Defending the Children
Sports Hero
Political Hero

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