Go vote for LGBTQ Nation’s 2022 Heroes!

Go vote for LGBTQ Nation’s 2022 Heroes!

LGBTQ Nation Heroes 2022 is a little over halfway through today. This is LGBTQ Nation’s annual program to focus on the good work people are doing, to inspire ourselves and our readers to do better, to draw attention to work that still needs to be done. It is our way to honor people who are doing good so that we could all try to do better.

Our editorial team put together a lineup of 40 people and groups who we consider heroes from the past year across eight categories. The nominees are LGBTQ people or close allies who have done heroic work in a variety of fields and highlight what it means to be on the right side of history.

You can vote for your heroes every day this month, once per device, until September 30.

This is also a chance to read about the nominees, since so many people do so many great things.

The best part about LGBTQ Nation’s Heroes is learning about the nominees, so take some time to read about them before voting. Read about them here:

LGBTQ Nation Hero of the Year
Celebrity who made us Proud
Social Media Hero
Good News Hero
Hero who Stood Up with Dignity
Hero Defending the Children
Sports Hero
Political Hero

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