These 31 openly gay pets will melt your cold, dark heart

These 31 openly gay pets will melt your cold, dark heart

Everybody loves Openly Gay Pets.

That handle and sister Insta Openly Gay Animals count over 1.4 million followers among them, including drag superstar Panda Dulce, DJ sensation Flume, and fashion whisperer Bruce Pask, Men’s director at Bergdorf Goodman and Nieman Marcus, who may or may not be looking for fur-lined inspiration.

We scoured the two animal-obsessed reels for the most utterly heartwarming (mostly) mammalian moments, and found: donkeys are really popular this season (see “The Banshees of Inisherin”), cat slaps never go out of style, and interspecies mingling is always the best.

Is there anything really gay about the two accounts? Nothing in particular except the rainbow chew toys they link to, and that all the creatures are super cute.

Behold the Openly Gay Animals.

1. This dog flying Business Class in a foldout bed.

2. Birds, at the snap of a finger.

3. “Lost Cat” found!

4. Prairie dog belly rub.

5. “Then what happened?!”

6. Cute boy + yawning puppy =

7. If Liberace was a horse.

8. Apparently, this is a thing, and it’s adorable!

9. Then she said, “Sea monkey has my money.”

10. OMG these noises.

11. Donkey No. 1: World’s happiest donkey.

12. Donkey No. 2: The tiniest donkey you’ve been waiting for.

13. Retriever rhumba: good dogs!

14. LOL, that look!

15. Cat meet horse No. 1.

16. Cat meet horse No. 2.

17. A baby porcupine eating a slice of apple never felt so good.

18. Spectacular ducks.

19. Cat classic.

20. It’s a gangster’s paradise.

21. This dog and goat happiness.

22. A seriously spectacular run.

23. This Asian pussy is ridonculous.

24. OMG. Sobbing.

25. New Year’s inspiration!

26. A Christmas story.

27. This old dog is a Christmas gift.

28. This dog has pitch!

29. Blue-footed boobies are legit!

30. Attack of the lemur.

31. The heartwarmingest.

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