Lauren Boebert uses Drew Barrymore pic to “prove” liberals are anti-women

Lauren Boebert uses Drew Barrymore pic to “prove” liberals are anti-women

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) argued that liberals’ support for trans rights proves that they like men more than women, and she said that actress Drew Barrymore’s recent interview of a trans influencer proves it.

“Liberals believe men are better at being women than women are,” she wrote. “A liberal’s world is a man’s world… oh, the irony!”

Liberals believe men are better at being women than women are.

A liberal’s world is a man’s world… oh, the irony!

— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) March 15, 2023

It was unclear if she was referring to anything specific, leaving her followers confused until, a few minutes later, she tweeted an image of Barrymore kneeling in front of trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The image has been shared on rightwing media all morning. It’s from a moving interview this past Monday where Barrymore and Mulvaney talked about how much they’re inspired by each other, and they both ended up on the floor.

That didn’t stop conservatives from saying that the image represented not just the entire interview or the whole of Barrymore’s politics, but how liberals everywhere think everyone should bow before trans people. Boebert joined in, obviously not having seen the interview.

Drew Barrymore: “I love women who have fought to change the world.”

Also Drew Barrymore:

— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) March 15, 2023

Boebert’s followers didn’t seem to be up to speed and she was mocked for trying to stir hate for no reason. After she posted her follow-up, she was mocked for worrying more about a celebrity interview than her actual job.

Why do you lie? This is why no one outside the MAGA cult believes anything you say.

— David Weissman (@davidmweissman) March 15, 2023

I think a better definition of irony is publicly declaring that you’re opposed to sex education on the same day you announce your teenage son and his teenage girlfriend are having a baby.

— Jay Black (@jayblackisfunny) March 15, 2023

Yeah no. That isn’t a thing. Not a liberal but I believe people are better at being themselves than what other people think they should be

— Brian McLain (@BrianMcLain15) March 15, 2023

I sometimes wonder how you’ve managed to survive as long as you have. Your view of the world is so unlike reality. I’m a life long Feminist. I believe that every human should be able to live the life that best fits them. My guess is you are very comfortable in a fantasy world

— Claudette Konola (@Konola4Colorado) March 15, 2023

If this is your response to, “Treat everyone, even people different than you, with dignity and respect,” I truly pity and despise you in equal measure.

— Raymond J. Mollica (@RaymondMollica) March 15, 2023

Actually, I believe that the trans community are better at being decent human beings who show respect for their neighbor than you, Lauren.

— Crowman A Single D vs. a Pair a D (he/him) (@CrowMagnumMan3) March 15, 2023

Aren’t you supposed to be working for the people instead of trolling celebrities?

— David Weissman (@davidmweissman) March 15, 2023

So what? Show the video, not a screenshot. We have no idea what is going on here. Drew isn’t gay but are you implying she is?
Even if she is… so what?

— ʎlǝʇǝldɯoƆ Gone To The Dawgs (@ILoveMyDogs2023) March 15, 2023

Drew Barrymore has more good in a single hair follicle that you will ever have. What is it that the GOP is so anti-compassion?

— Ed Krassenstein (@EdKrassen) March 15, 2023

Wow. Poor form (not that I’m surprised) going after such a kind person. You could learn a lot from Drew Barrymore.

— CHOOSY (@CH005Y) March 15, 2023

A Twitter user also pointed out that Barrymore often ends up on the floor in her interviews.

TERFs can go on and on about Drew Barrymore kneeling in front of Dylan Mulvaney but that’s her shtick. She’s always on the floor!

— Amber (@missrobinson) March 15, 2023

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